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Right Weigh Program

For more information on the Right Weigh Program, see our Special Programs page.

Video Descriptions

Athletic Cardio


Aqua Motion & Generation Aqua

Splash into fitness with a wet & wonderful workout! Simple choreography & resistance variations will give you a fun & effective workout. Generation Aqua is for the young at heart. (55 minutes)


Aqua Tabata

Combining high intensity interval training with water properties results in a fun, effective workout to blast the calories. (55 minutes)


Cycling, Cycling "55" & Silver Cycle

This innovative program involves cycling techniques modeled after outdoor cycling. Your ride can be easy or intense - you decide. Motivating techniques & music will allow you to take your workout to the next level. (45 minutes) Cycling "55" is 55 mintues long. (55 minutes) Silver Cycle is for the young at heart. (45 minutes)


TRX Bootcamp

This class combines the use of the TRX® Suspension Trainer™ with various other fitness techniques such as jump roping, resistance bands, step aerobics and free weights. (45 minutes)


Bootcamp & Senior Bootcamp

Is a fast paced cardio class that uses simple step movements along with weights, intervals, and calisthenics -- whatever it takes to get your heart rate up and your body

in gear for an all-around workout. (55 minutes) Senior Bootcamp moves at a slower pace. (45 minutes)


Senior Express & Low Impact Cardio

Dynamic, low impact workout designed for the young at heart. Will improve aerobic fitness and burn body fat. All ages welcome. (55 minutes) Low Impact Cardio will take your workout to the next level. (55 minutes)


Classic Cardio

Combine energizing low-impact cardio, targeted toning and stretching. (55 minutes)


Step & Tone

This class uses step and resistance equipment to target the entire body. (55 minutes)



Inspires participants to embrace dance and fitness as a lifelong path to health, joy and fulfillment. (55 minutes)


Choreograph Cardio



Dance your way to a fitter you with exciting and unique Latin music and rhythms.

This class is taking the world by storm. (55 minutes)




Body Sculpting & Dynamic Sculpting

Sculpt & define every muscle group with super-effective exercises using the BOSU, resistance bands, weights and stability ball. Because you select your own resistance,

this workout is ideal for everyone. (55 minutes)


Dynamic Definition

Challenging total body workout using a variable weight barbell. Great workout for all levels: you choose your weight. (55 minutes)


Bone Builders

Helps to build strong bones, increase core strength, improve posture & flexibility.

Includes both standing and sitting exercises. (45 minutes)


Absolute Ball

Sculpt abdominals using the ball for resistance while improving balance and overall strength. (45 minutes)


Hard Core Core

Work your abdominal muscles using your own body weight and various pieces of equipment. (30 minutes)


Athletic Cardio

Choreograph Cardio


Cardio Strength

Flexibility/Mind Body


Cardio Strength


Combination Training

Get moving and combine a variety of techniques! Intervals of step, hi-lo, strength training & kick boxing will keep you invigorated. (55 minutes)


New Wave Strength

This class uses Sprint Bells, noodles and resistance tubing with a burst of

cardio & power moves. Put a new wave in your aquatic workout! (55 minutes)


Strength & Motion

Are you new to fitness or coming back to finess? By combining cardiovascular

and resistance, this class will help prepare you for daily activities.

(55 minutes)


Ab-Solution Walking Workout

Learn ways to stroll through the water and strengthen your abdominals.

Experience simplistic patterns and isolation techniques that create a powerful

water walking program emphasizing core muscle use. Suitable for all ability levels. (45 minutes)


Zumba Tone

Combines targeted body-sculpting exercises and high-energy cardio work with Latin-infused Zumba moves to create a calorie-burning, strength-training dance fitness party. Using light weight dumbbells, you'll work every muscle group while you groove. (45 minutes)


Flexibility/Mind Body


Flexibility Formula

Just relax and stretch! Integrating yoga, Pilates, dance and sport stretches will improve your range of motion, balance and posture. (45 minutes)


Yoga for Every "Body"

This introduction to Yoga class is designed to familiarize beginners with

basic Yoga postures and breathing techniques. With an emphasis on personal

instruction, this class gives you a solid foundation before moving into and

onto other yoga classes. (55 minutes - Yoga Basics is 25 minutes)


Gentle Yoga

Chairs are available to all class participants in Gentle Yoga. Most everything we do in this class can be done from a chair, though we will use the floor for some simple stretching exercises. "Do what you can do, don't do what you can't do." (55 minutes)


Pilates Express

A progressive series of floor exercises that promotes strong, lean muscles,

better balance, improved posture and alignment. Pilates training focuses on

core strength & a symmetrical body. (30 minutes) Silver Pilates - learn the basics

of Pilates. See an improvement in your core strength, your posture and better breathing. (45 minutes)



Pilates training promotes strong lean muscles, better balance, improved

posture and body alignment. Pilates Bootcamp moves at a quicker pace. (45 minutes)


Tai Chi

Experience these gentle load bearing exercises that are designed to improve balance & build bone density & strength. (55 minutes)


Power Vinyasa Flow

A vigorous fitness-based approach to vinyasa style yoga. (55 minutes)


6 Pack Abs & More

Improve your posture and physical function, as we focus on balance and strengthening exercises for abdominal and back muscles. (45 minutes)


Morning Stretch 

Wake up your body with a 45-minute morning stretch class. This class is a relaxing way to help rid yourself of any aches and pains and stretch the major muscle groups of your body. (45 minutes)



Combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga for a true fat burning low impact workout.

(45 minutes)


Yoga Core & More 

Includes yoga poses along with core strength work and balance. (55 minutes)


Foam Rolling 

Learn the science behind effective myofascial massage as you reduce inflammation and loosen tight tissue. (90 minutes)




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