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Right Weigh Program

For more information on the Right Weigh Program, see our Special Programs page.


Cancellation and Freeze Policies


Membership Freeze

A membership may be placed on freeze for a minimum of one month and a maximum of three months per year.  Nominal dues ($15* / $20) will be charged monthly while on freeze and the membership will automatically be reactivated on date indicated on your membership freeze form.  If more than one person needs to be frozen, the freeze charge will apply for each member wishing to freeze their portion of the membership.  Resignation or downgrade may not occur from any freeze.  Should a member wish to resign while on freeze, the membership will be reinstated for one month and the member billed at regular monthly dues.  


* A person 62 years or better.

** Any exceptions of this policy must be in writing by the Executive Director.




We hope that you have enjoyed your experience at Franciscan Health Fitness Centers Chicago Heights, and we are sorry that you have made the decision to resign your membership.  We hope that at some time in the future Franciscan Health Fitness Centers Chicago Heights can once again help satisfy your fitness and recreational needs.


In order to avoid any confusion the following procedures must be followed:

1. A 30 day written notice is required, as provided in your membership agreement.  The resignation form should be used to satisfy that requirement.*

2. Any outstanding balance on your account must be paid in full.


* Does not apply for members who joined before March 29, 2001.

Guest Policies


1.) Members are liable for their guest's actions while visiting the facility. Therefore, a guest must enter, leave and accompany the member at all times.


2.) Each member may bring no more than three guests per visit.


3.) The accompanying member must be at least 18 years of age and the guest, (with valid driver's license or state ID) at least 18 years of age.


4.) The guest must pay a $15.00 guest fee and provide a photo ID.


5.) A guest fee total (not to exceed $45) will be taken off their enrollment fee if they decide to join, upon furnishing proof of purchase, within 14 days of first guest fee purchase.


6.) The guest must completely fill out and sign a guest registration form for each visit.


7.) A guest may visit the facility a maximum number of three times per year before making the decision to get involved in a health and fitness program at this club.


8.) The guest must be respectful and courteous to other members, guests and staff during every visit.